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Campus Connect

Campus Connect, a mobile app, addresses this need by offering a centralized platform for both new and existing students. It empowers them to thrive by streamlining integration into college life, providing easy access to necessary resources and information, and fostering connections within the campus community.

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Introducing SleepSync, a groundbreaking app designed to help users maintain a healthy and consistent sleep schedule. This innovative tool serves as a personal sleep guide, providing tailored analysis, suggestions, and prompts based on the user's individual data, ultimately promoting better rest and increased activity levels.

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Daily UI Design Challenge

The Daily UI Design Challenge, a project I undertook, in which I participated by completing a 100-day design challenge. I dedicated myself to designing daily based on the prompts given, showcasing my creativity and dedication to the craft. This project allowed me to continuously create and improve my design skills over the course of 100 days. 

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